Leanne "Lee" Baker
Moved to another city to attend college with a threadbare plan and a lot of dreams.

Sean O'Sullivan
Lives together with Lee. Dropped out of college to work freelance. His former roommate is currently missing.

Left behind by Sean's former roommate. Sean's pet and probably his best friend. Strangely intelligent.

Jess Gardner
Lee's best friend. Stayed in their hometown, training to become a vet.

Vincent "Vince" Morelli
Attends the same college as Lee and loves to make jokes, especially at other people's expense.

In the same year as Vince, and a lot more reliable than him. Never told anyone how he really lost his finger.

Works at the local diner "Twitchy's". Knows more about Sean than most people and sometimes gets a little too chatty, much to Sean's displeasure.

The Boss
Jim's boss and owner of the diner "Twitchy's".

Ms. Macey
One of Lee's professors. Occasionally uses a Bunsen burner to keep her students from oogling her.

Working to retrieve Cuba for an unknown organization.

Mrs. Baker
Lee's mom. Known for her quick temper.

Mr. Baker
Lee's dad. He got her out of trouble more than once, and probably more often than was good for her.

The owner of the local pet shop.

The Landlady
Sean's and Lee's landlady. Nothing special to say about her ... OR IS THERE?

In the same year as Lee. Very assertive if she likes something. Somehow doesn't own a pet yet. Don't touch her car. Really, don't touch it.